NGS analysis service for phage, ribosome, mRNA, or yeast display experiments

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a powerful method to enhance biopanning protocols. AptaIT’s unique custom bioinformatic analysis service supports our customers to streamline the selection of novel binding peptides, proteins or antibodies by display techniques using phage, ribosomes, mRNA, or yeast. We assist in checking the quality of the initial display library, planning the NGS analysis of the selection cycles and analyzing millions of sequences to identify even rare peptide, antibody or protein ligands sometimes already after the first round of biopanning. Our services are straightforward: Send us your NGS data sets, we will review the data, perform NGS analysis and you will receive detailed results of significant amino acid motives, frequency, intelligent clustering of families, and population development during biopanning rounds and much more within days.

Do not miss any valuable binder due to the limitations of conventional colony picking and sequencing protocols.

Profit from the power of next-generation sequencing:

  • Profound quality checks of your phage or ribosome display or any other libraries.
  • Identification of binders sometimes already after the first round of biopanning.
  • Identification of rare but high performance peptide, protein and antibody ligands.
  • Comprehensive information about target epitope coverage by intelligent clustering of ligands into families.
  • Improved lead optimization and patenting strategies by profound sequence family information

You will find information that is more detailed in our
application note
for yeast, mRNA, ribosome, or phage display experiments and next-generation sequencing.

Please contact us now to discuss your custom NGS analysis of your biopanning experiments with us.