SELEX | Aptamer next-generation sequencing analysis service

AptaIT offers a unique service to help our customers to enhance their SELEX technology and to identify aptamers from SELEX experiments faster and more reliable using next-generation sequencing analysis. We assist in checking the quality of the initial aptamer SELEX library, planning the NGS analysis of the in vitro selection cycles and analysing millions of SELEX sequencing data to identify even rare sequence motifs in early selection cycles. In contrast to simple sequence alignments, the software COMPAS was specifically developed to search significant motifs without any predetermined bias. Our service is straightforward: Send us your NGS data sets (see also our NGS guidelines), we will review the data, perform the SELEX sequencing analysis and you will receive a detailed analysis of significant motifs, their co-occurrence, frequency, intelligent clustering of families, population development during selection cycles and much more within days.

See for the first time what really happens in your SELEX experiment.

Profit from the power of next-generation sequencing

  • Profound quality checks of your SELEX aptamer libraries.
  • Shorter development times through earlier aptamer identification.
  • Identification of rare but high performance SELEX aptamers.
  • Comprehensive information about target epitope coverage by intelligent clustering of ligands into families.
  • Improved lead optimization and patenting strategies by profound sequence family information

You will find information that is more detailed in our
application note
for SELEX, aptamers and next-generation sequencing.


We offer three packages for the analysis of your in vitro selection experiments:

The Standard, Standardplus and Premium analysis packages.
It does not matter for the analysis, if your sequencing data come from phage, ribosome, mRNA, yeast, or other display experiments.

 Standard Standard plus Premium
Basic statistics≦ 3 selection rounds≦ 4 selection rounds≦ 10 selection rounds
Data handling & parsing
Aptamer identificationin 1 selection round
in 2 selection roundsin 4 selection rounds
Tracing of sequences (basic)
Tracing of sequences (high resolution)
Summary of results

Price list

Please download our price list for further information or contact us to order your analysis packages or to discuss customized projects and individual licenses.